Berlin Veterans Reunion 2006


It is nice to see you here!

On my website you will see photos and small videos which I made during
the BUSMVA Reunion 2006 here in Berlin.

The BUSMVA (Berlin US Military Veterans Association)
has it´s own website at: http://www.berlinveterans.com/

If, while viewing my website, you do not see something you feel should be
on here, or if you have any comments or questions, please contact me
by e-mail or make a post in my NEW guest book.

Enjoy the memories!

Arrival an Registration (click on the photos)

Friday, August 4, the paticipants arrived at the hotel  Sunday, August 6, Registration and BUSMVA information desk 

Monday, August 7, Opening night buffet Dinner

Opening night buffet Dinner at the hotel Restaurant
Welcome by VP Tom Hartney, orientation of the activities by Dave Sealock 
BUSMVA busmva

West Berlin bus tour, Tuesday, August 8

Tempelhof Central Airport  Allied Museum 
Tempelhof Central Airport, TCA BUSMVA

East Berlin bus tour, Wednesday, August 9

The historical center of Berlin, Unter den Linden  Museum Karlshorst and Soviet Memorial 

Friday, August 11, picnic at McNair Barracks

The McNair Museum (http://www.mcnair-museum.de)   Kartoffelschnaps 
McNair-Museum BUSMVA, McNair Barracks, Kartoffelschnaps

Saturday, August 12, Farewell Dinner at the hotel

Berlin-Brigade Berlin-Brigade

Sunday, August 13, Allied Museum